Being eco-friendly used to be an ‘optional’ extra, something to show you a company is in tune with modern practices. We’ve never believed that. Whatever you want to call it – ecologically friendly, environmentally aware, green, sustainable, energy efficient – we’ve always subscribed to that fact that we’ve only got one planet and we should look after.

We’re a member of the US Green Building Council, and have helped to create LEED® certified buildings. We’re also ISO 14001:2004 accredited. Together, this means that we’re perfectly equipped to advise our clients how to make their development as environmentally-friendly as possible. However, our recommendations go deeper than achieving green ratings – it’s also about saving money through energy efficient practices and reducing both noise and light pollution.

If you wonder how committed we are – well, we practice what we preach. We implement internal recycling programmes, educate about energy efficiency and have developed sustainability policies that set the bar in the construction industry.